Thursday, March 19, 2009

Statement Potential

The handbag is a fundamental element of every woman's look and
directly contributes to how she feels.
Woman have become increasingly obsessed with handbags within the last decade. Who could blame us... there is so much statement potential in one little (or over sized) handbag. Trend analysts have spotted extra handbag emphasis from designers this spring season. Likely due to economic conditions designers think it might be easier for consumers to pick up a new handbag rather than a new ensemble.

This week Mapel got our spring handbag booty.... and we could not be more excited. In addition to our fav'sies handbag vendor Compose we picked up Chocolate. We fell in love with their designs, construction and quality- and we know you will too.

During this week's Happy Hour Menu Mapel offers 25% off a new handbag each day.

Thursday Happy Hour
to dye for Lace Tote $51 (regularly $68)

This spring designers played up the theme of sheer madness. Using various gossamer materials like chiffon, lace, fishnet and fringe designers lent a subtly "telling" and sexy aesthetic to dressing. These ensembles are not for the faint of heart - be you wearer or viewer. You don't have to break the "office appropriate" dress code to get this same sheer madness look. Something tells me this purse won't get you fired- but I don't think you'll get a promotion either.

Friday Happy Hour
decidedly forward Purple Braided Clutch $51 (regularly $68)

You probably think we are obsessed with purple- and we are. But it's not just us... designers keep working purple into their collections. This season purple gets a makeover when worn with electric almost contrast colors. We see vivid purple with hot red or violet with burnt orange. This season purple is for the decided woman who respects herself, pays attention to detail (like braided trim) isn't afraid to pair purple with unexpected colors.

Saturday & Sunday Happy Hour
conveniently handy Large Zebra Shopper $37.50 (regularly $50)

Most weekends involve at least one trip to the grocery store or Saturday market. What better way maintain your uber chic look while saving the enviro' than with a Large Zebra Shopper.

Actually- if you don't already have an over sized handbag you betta' get on the handbag wagon- cause this spring bags get super-sized. Think Ashley Olson proportions for the masses.

Monday Happy Hour
softly versatile Quilted Bone Tote $73.50 (regularly $98)

Find inspiration in Coco Chanel's signature classic quilted tote. This spring bone, beige and other subtle pastels painted the runway. Softer palette's of color are easily mixed with any ensemble and can be worn at any event. Bone is your best choice for elegance and versatility.

Tuesday Happy Hour
playful Gathered Grey Tote $58.50 (regularly $78)

I won't bother stating that "grey is the new black"- because I believe black IS black and grey IS grey. We can however take inspiration from all the grey, silver and metallic that covered the spring runways. Grey is a color of charm and refinement. We can also note that handbags are becoming just that- Hand Bags. Instead of throwing it over your shoulder carry your bag in your hand for a feminine and fresh approach to accessorizing.

Wednesday Happy Hour
ferocious Animal Print Shoulder Bag $43.50 (regularly $58)

Last- but certainly not least is the massive trend of animal or python print. We see it in shoes, jewelry and of course handbags. Mapel's Animal Print bag is trend right yet subtle. The bone color (see Monday's write up) is versatile.

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