Monday, August 4, 2008

Enhanced Vocabulary

In college I lived in a dorm hall called "Callahan", due to time restraints we shorted the name to "Calli".
(You know how over committed and busy your schedule can get in college? What with balancing classes, parties, avoiding old boyfriends, drive bye's, house dances, looking for new boyfriends, compiling "the"abercrombie party outfit - you can imagine how hectic things were.)
So quite affectionately we used to quote the below line when referring to our dorm.
"Going - Going - Back - Back - To Calli - Calli."
I know- it's not very funny, but at the time we thought it was pure genius. Well- last week it was time for me to go back to Calli (as in the state just south of Washington- not my old dorm).
I could say it was a work related trip- yea, let's say that! I was going to LA to do some trend spotting- peeping out the newest styles. While "working" I managed to catch up with some of my best'est friends from college.
Upon reflection of my short LA trip I realized I had unknowingly enhanced my vocabulary. I saturated a few LA terms while hanging with my Calli friends. My two faves are below:
-B.O.C. : Balling out of control. As used in a sentence: "Those sunglasses are totally BOC."
- Stylie : Stylish. As used in a sentence: "You best be wearing your super stylie shoes- we are going to Hollywood".
Super stylie shoes were definitely necessary Saturday nigh. We checked out Green Door in Hollywood - great spot with a chic French aesthetic.
Star sightings include, but are not limited to:
-Josh Dumamel
-Tyra Stanks (that is exactly how I meant to spell her last name)
-Scarlett Johansson
-Staci Stevens (that gal from Mapel)
It was the perfect Calli weekend. I came back with a tan, hangover and enhanced vocabulary.

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Willow said...

Hi Stac,

Your hair looks adorable....and I love the red cute!