Saturday, December 1, 2012

Less Hassle...More Celebration!

Last minute gift exchange? Difficult family member to shop for? Need to stay under $20.00? Don’t just grab a gift card to that same old coffee shop! This year surprise them with something just as affordable, but a little more special!

Mapel has - in store only - several great gifts that are perfect for when you’re in a pinch!

You can never go wrong with buying Local with our Portland Totes and Hand Bags!
Love candles? Hide one of our Voluspa candles in the toe of a Christmas Stocking! 
They also come in refreshing aroma sticks!
We just received three new scents – Champagne Rose, Makassar Ebony Peach and Clove Pomander!
You can never go wrong with Winter Accessories! So simple, but they always make a Statement!
Gloves, Scarves and a wonderful variety of Hats complete every outfit with an exclamation point!

Need something a bit more practical? New legging styles just arrived in fleece-lined, pin-tucked and everyday-basic.

For an little added flare, we have several accessories to choose from all around the store. 
These Vintage Hairpins are perfect for a little accent of personality!
Don’t let the holidays get you frustrated – Mapel can help! All the more reason for More Celebration and Less Hassle!!

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