Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Happy Place

What makes you smile?

Here at Mapel we smile when we see neatly stacked denim jeans, assorted by size-
When our clothes are color coordinated and all hung up in a row-
When our jewelry sparkles in the sunshine and causes you to exclaim, "Wow!"
When you step into our store and imagine yourself in your own organized closet-

And last but not least, we can't help but smile ear to ear when we get fun new items we get to share with you for this upcoming sunny season!

We gaurentee that you will be as happy as we are about our great new styles!

On the hunt for something to wear that is comfortable, stylish and flattering? An outfit that will not only have you friends wondering where you got it, but will also not be able to stop complimenting you?

Did you mutter, "That sounds impossible," to yourself while reading this?

Well look no futher! Below we have just what you are on look out for! We like to call these our "no hassel tops" from Michael Stars. These relaxed fit tops are light, easy, comfortable and ready for you to just slip on and go!

                                                           Passport Stripe Scoop Neck

Hope these tops make you smile as much as we did!
Love them and want to see more? Visit our website for more of a selection or come in and try them on for yourself! Hope to see you soon! Happy hunting! :)

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