Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mapel Launches DAILY Online Happy Hour

If you're familiar with Mapel (meaning you have either met Jenelle or myself, or been into the store) you know we are a little obsessed with Happy Hours. I won't even go into the quantum physics of why Happy Hours are so great.... they just are.

Many of you know www.shopmapel.com offers an Online Happy Hour every Thursday 2-6pm. Well.... we have received such a great response that we decided to share the happy love by extending Happy Hours to Every Day.

That's right.... starting today Mapel is launching a Daily Online Happy Hour. Every day you can find a different product featured on our Happy Hour menu. Simply log onto www.shopmapel.com between the hours of 2-6 and click on the beer mug- you'll be connected to that days Happy Hour Special! Voila'

Now back to the "log" part of this web log:
Mapel defines Happy Hours as any moment or time that might entail a memorable experience, laughter, friends, possibly an adult beverage. Happy Hours are not confined to a restaurant setting or bar. Happy Hours don't have to include food or drink. A Happy Hour might even be in the comfort of your own home, or maybe on an airplane. Possibly dressed up- or dressed down. Essentially a Happy Hour is any space of time that is totally enjoyable and relaxing.

To launch our new Daily Happy Hour feature Mapel wants to ask YOU to send us a picture of a memorable Happy Hour moment. We'll share these pics with a panel of very educated and happy experienced judges and choose our favorite. If your picture is chosen as our favorite we'll send you a gift certificate for a Mapel shopping spree.
-Pictures can be mailed into info@shopmapel.com or text to 206.229.8784

The get the ball rolling I have pulled a few pics from our Mapel friends. Below you can find a few memorable Happy Hour moments.

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