Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Consider Yourself Warned...

I'll be honest with you.... It's def' not easy formulating something brilliant every week for my dear blog'ster readers (are you out there?). I want to be funny, informational, inspirational and possibly get a few hits.

?What to write about this week? I had an amazing holiday weekend full of unbelievable stories (Is it EVER O.K. for someone to show up to a potluck BBQ empty handed & literally clear the entire table of food? Well someone committed that crime this weekend). The weekend was also full of out of character experiences (Staci went to 2- count them "1-2" concerts in a single weekend).

However, for a variety of reasons..... namely any "dirt" I would like to "dish" in this blog will be read by said persons within 24 hours of posting.... I must keep my lips shut.

Since airing dirty laundry from this weekend is out of the picture I will instead disperse invaluable knowledge to my dear blog'ster readers (are you still out there?) .

Below are the exact "deits" (if you are over 30 "deits" is short for "details") I would like to share. Upon reading the details, making a mental note to yourself, marking your calendars, and peeping out my pics you can consider yourself warned. Don't worry- I don't expect anything in return after sharing this life altering info (well... if you do feel like you want to thank me in some way you could take a quick look at my e commerce site

Leavenworth Oktoberfest
-What Happens in Oktoberfest.... Bring You Back the Next Year-

*Since 1998 Leavenworth WA has hosted an Annual Oktoberfest

*This year's Oktoberfest celebrations are October 3-4, October 10-11, October 17-18

*Regardless of your age, number of offspring, distance traveled, beer preference (or lack thereof), or accordion playing ability your are the perfect Oktoberfest participant

*All one must bring into Oktoberfest is a willing'ness to try new things and a few friends to make sure you stay in line just enough to return the following year

*You can count on dance invites from Mr Oktoberfest himself
(well he might not go by Mr Oktoberfest, but you get the idea)

*You'll hang with a dozen new BFF's you have never met before- or see ever again

*You could end up with a desperate need for sunglasses at approximately 10.30pm

*One might contract a terrible (and at times contagious) case of "beer goggles"

*ummm.... I don't have a bullet point for this one

*You are guaranteed one of the most memorable weekends of the year
-My work here is finished-


Willow said...

Great the pics!

You guys are adorable


Tracy said...

Don't forget the sudden urge to have a HEATED argument with a new friend about bottled water. Oh wait, we didn't get a photo of that, we caught that on video. Can't wait for the weekend of the 17th!

Tracy (aka sunglasses at 10:30pm)