Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"It's In The Bag"

One might refer to it as a "carry all" or possibly more directly call it an "emergency kit". My friend Tracy breaks it down into it's simplest form - "Shack Pack". It's the sort of hand bag that carries enough "stuff" to get you through an unexpected overnight'er. Without taking a show of hands I know we have all been there before.

Fortunately it's now easier than ever to assemble a "Shack Pack" with class and style. Today handbags are ginormous. I love the extensive variety of huge handbags because I have always preferred hand bags that are slightly wider than my shoulder width. At present Mapel has a handful of handbags that are chic and "Shack Pack" worthy. Here follows shameless promotion.
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With the above being said let's get into the nitty gritty of the subject at hand. It is not just the hand bag that is important- it's the interior contents. In order to truly be prepared for an unexpected overnight'er you must carry an arsenal that ensures fabulous'ness.
During mid Blog writing I sent a quick email to a few Lobster friends to get their input on "necessities". I loved their individual responses so much I decided to "quote" them exactly.

Brooke Prince
(a.k.a. Interior Designer Extraordinaire
& Shoe Connoisseur)

Floss - Toothpaste - Toothbrush - Hand sanitizer
Multiple Lip glosses - Phone & Charger
Band-aids – for those pesky to dance in but beautiful 4” heels
Tissue (can be used as TP, for sniffles, and to blot face oil)
Spare unds (you never know when/how you might lose yours)
Face powder - Eyeliner - Small stick of deodorant - Sewing kit
Body tape - Mints
Minis of flavored vodka - Camera - Luna Bars - Chocolate - Lotion
Business cards - Tylenol - Sunscreen
Jazzy Jewelry (takes you from office to cocktail hour)

Cleary O'Farrell
(Interchangeable Paparazzi
& Seattle's Best Photographer)

Sample Sizes of Face Cleanser - Lotion - Hairspray - Lipstick -
Mascara - Powder - Emergen-C - Deodorant - Condoms
"You have to pack a bag hoping for the best, but not being
to presumptuous... or slutty."

Jillian Derpack
(Seattle's Top Socialite
&Beautiful Bride To Be)

*A cute head band or hair accessory, sleeping in a twin size bed with another person
will do awful things to your hair and you never know who you might run into on your
walk of shame home.
*Band aids, who knows how many times I have slipped on the ice in my heals at 3am.
*Mouth Wash, you may not have time to brush your teeth but you always have time
to take a swig of mouth wash, plus you don't want your "date" to know if that vodka
decided it didn't want to stay down.
*A pair of Underwear, more often then not you are trying to leave pretty quickly and
may not have time to find everything.
Did we miss anything? Mapel wants to hear from you. Is there anything we should add/ subtract or modify from this list? What's in your "Shack Pack"? Leave us a post and let us know.

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Jillian said...

Oh good I'm glad I'm not the only one who brings extra underwear, lol